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Victoria Works Studios, London Road Chalford, GL6 8HN


Wire is Pascale's material of choice for creating mini masterpieces; carefully shaping, hammering and weaving wire to craft beautiful sculptural jewellery. Her collections consist of earrings, pendants and rings made from high quality sterling and fine silver, often featuring semi-precious stones. The jewellery is handcrafted at Pascale's workshop in Stroud, where she creates delicate yet bold pieces that make a statement.


Her influences are from far and wide, echoing pattern and designs from spiritual cultures and ancient wisdom of countries visited on travels to Mexico, Colombia and Indonesia.


“Since childhood I have been drawn to unusual and shiny objects from ancient history and distant cultures. Spirals found in nature often inspire the organic patterns used throughout the designs. Making jewellery has become an obsession; working with my hands to craft small treasures is truly satisfying, and seeing people wearing my designs makes my job a real pleasure.”


Pascale also enjoys making commissioned pieces where clients can have an input in the design process, sometimes including crystals she is given by a client to make a really personal piece of jewellery. Get in touch with your ideas for one-off special pieces created with your ideas in mind.