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Oiseau Pendant

£75.00 Regular Price
£55.00Sale Price

As a child my Grandad gave me a silver pendant, collected from his time in Africa. The Tuareg 'Cross of Agadez' is a piece of jewellery worn throughout Africa and has ancient roots. It's four corners represented the four corners of the world and was typically given from father to son saying "My son, I give you the four corners of the world, because one can not know where one will die".


I treasured this pendant and still wear it with pride, it has influenced this design in that it is a strong symbol, representing the compass. The Oiseau pendant has movement when worn, and points in no set direction, I feel that it's message is to fly free and follow your own compass. Like the' Cross of Agadez' it can be passed on to to the next generation to inspire them to choose their own direction.


This pendant comes with a sterling silver snake chain. Please see my Size Guide to help you choose the most suitable chain length.



Sterling and fine silver wire.



Length - 3.5 cm

Width - 2 cm



Chain Length

Pascale Stanley Jewellery Design pieces are handcrafted using high quality sterling and fine silver wire. Wire Jewellery can be more delicate than solid silver jewellery so it is important to take care of your pieces as we want them to last! We recommend that you do not shower, swim, bathe, sleep or exercise when wearing your jewellery. Avoid scenarios that can crush or catch delicate or filigreed wire wrapped jewellery (beware of open weave knitwear and scarves that could catch on the wire). Please be aware that gemstones used in pieces are natural and can be damaged by chemical reactions so we advise that you apply perfume, hairspray or skin care products before putting on your jewellery.


Over time silver jewellery does tarnish, as oils from your skin cause a slow oxidation process. Whilst some people like this effect, if you prefer to keep the silver shine, wipe your jewellery with a clean dry jewellery cloth or a very fine steel wool pad, avoiding any stones, rinse in luke warm water and gently pat dry with a clean cloth. You could also use a soft toothbrush or soft artist's brush with a little soap and luke warm water to access any delicate woven details. Various anti-tarnish silver polish products are available online if you prefer to use something longer lasting.


Store your jewellery in a cool dry place, avoiding direct sunlight, to prevent discolouration or damage to metal and stones. Storing it in an air tight container or plastic bag will also reduce some of the tarnishing.